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Little Bunnies has a wonderful venuein a fantastic location!Little bunniesInteractive Workshops are held in the Calle Amado Nervo 11.

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Babies are born ready to learn!

And the earlier the better if they do it through watching, listening, singing, playing, laughing and having lots and lots of fun at the same time!

Aimed at babies, toddlers and young children from 0-approximately 3 years, and their mums, dads, grandparents or carers, Little Bunnies is perfect for both English speakers and those who want their children to be exposed to the English language from an early age.

Sessions are very original and 100% interactive. Both parents and children alike are invited to join in, singing with puppets, story telling, playing instruments, creating different scenarios and playing with a huge number of colourful props … parachute, pom poms, rhythm sticks, bean bags, bubbles, masks, scarves, the list is endless!

What is Little Bunnies?

How to book a session?

You can book a “drop in” place for a specific day or buy a 10 session voucher and book the days you want to come.

10 sessions Voucher


10 session voucher- 170€ - Paid for in advance - 17€ per session.

You get 10 sessions to use whenever you want.

Buy 10 sessions Voucher


Drop-in session- 18 euros

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Buy a 10 session voucher and book your sessions

Come to Little Bunnies on a regular basis and save 1€ each session.

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