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‘Baby Bunnies’ – Your special place to bond with your baby!

Whether you have a newborn or a baby that doesn’t walk yet, ‘Baby Bunnies’ is designed especially for you and them! So get ready to share some truly precious moments with your little one, along with other Mums and Dads and their baby bunnies.

At ‘Baby Bunnies’, there is all the usual colour, sounds, singing, playing, stories, music, puppets and original props that make ‘Little Bunnies’ the wonderful sensory experience that it is, but this weekly session is adapted specifically for our non-walkers!

It’s a calmer, more relaxed experience where your tiny babies can enjoy the slower pace of percussion instruments, peek-a boo scarves, gentle lullabies and age-appropriate songs.

It’s also the perfect place for families with very young babies to meet, swap stories and exchange ideas with other families with babies of a similar age.

Here’s what one of our regular first-time Mums had to say about her experience…..

‘We miss our time with you & the baby bunnies sweeties. I just wanted to say that we continue to spread the word about Little Bunnies as it holds such a special place in our hearts. I have fond memories of those early months of motherhood and feeling so positive about having made it out of the house with Violet to come to our weekly LB sessions’. XOXOXO -Whitney

Why not make ‘Baby Bunnies’ your weekly get-together with other families and their little ones?

We can’t wait for you to join us! You’ll find a huge welcome waiting for you!

Booking essential via WhatsApp.

There are 3 ways you can pay for your Little Bunnies sessions:

Early Birds (Term-bookers for weekday sessions only) Baby Bunnies or Little Bunnies on Tuesdays or Thursdays. 
150 euros Autumn Term (10 weeks). Payable in advance, before the end of September for weekly sessions only from OCT – DEC.
A saving of 30 euros on regular drop-in fees for the same period.

10-session vouchers (Can be used at any Little Bunnies’ sessions, weekdays and weekends. No expiry date. Non-refundable).
170 euros payable in advance. A saving of 10 euros.

18 euros.

Little Bunnies Cancellation Policy

If you cancel a session
If you cancel with more than 24 hours notice – no cancellation fee.
If you cancel your booking for whatever reason with less than 24 hours notice or don’t come –  10 euros / family

NOTE: If you need to cancel with less than 24 hours notice, find a friend to take your place and you won’t have to pay the cancellation fee! 🙂

If I cancel a session
For ‘Early Birds’, who pay termly, we can try to make up the session and have it another day. Or you can request a refund for the cancelled session at the end of the term.

NOTE: At Little Bunnies, we dress for the weather! And whatever the weather, we’ll be together!
Only when it rains, or the Retiro is closed, sessions will be cancelled by me! When it’s cold, we wrap up warm!
When the ground is wet, we put on our wellies and have fun just the same!
Babies can sit in their buggies and toddlers can jump in puddles as we walk through the park singing our favourite songs and looking for our puppet friends hidden in the trees! 🙂

Whether it’s sunny or windy on crisp Autumn and Winter mornings, we still enjoy the beautiful Retiro together! That’s what Little Bunnies is all about! Let’s embrace nature together!

If you haven’t been before, see what those who have are saying about Little Bunnies.