Take your pick from:

1) Sing-along and Stay and Play. (1.5 hours). 160 euros

2) Stay and Play (1.5 hours) 120 euros


Birthday Bunnies (0-3 year olds) – Early-Bird Promotion!

Celebrate your little one’s birthday at Little Bunnies!

Book your little one’s birthday in January or February NOW and take advantage of the EARLY- BIRD PROMOTION!

Offer ends 31st Jan.


Choose from the following options:

1) Sing-along and Stay and Play. (1.5 hours). 160 euros

Celebrate your little one’s birthday with a 30 minute tailor-made birthday sing-along followed by 1 hour of ‘Stay and Play’.


2) Stay and Play’ 120 euros (1.5 hours)

Book the Little Bunnies’ space to celebrate your little one’s birthday with friends and family.



Why choose Little Bunnies?

It’s a wonderful space in a beautiful place! Just a 2 minute walk from the Retiro!

60m2 just for you and your little ones to play and relax in!

Beautifully decorated venue with a wide selection of books, games, puzzles, theatre, tunnel, cooker, train sets etc and a colourful tipi to keep the little ones entertained.

Children’s background music/songs provided.

Little Bunnies is a ‘shoe-free’ zone and has soft green artificial grass that nobody has ever stepped on wearing outdoor shoes. It’s perfect for the little ones to roll around and play on and for grown-ups to sit and relax on. There are plenty of cushions and padded playroom mats for comfort too.

The venue can be fully ventilated from the front and back.

It is in a quiet residential area surrounded by trees and bushes.

It has lots of natural light as there is a huge front window and door and a back window that faces onto the garden.

Tea and coffee are provided and wine glasses/cork screw too if requested.

The Little Bunnies’ venue is thoroughly cleaned/sanitised between sessions.

If you have any doubts about anything or would like more details, let me know!

Please tell your friends and share in your Mums’ groups!

And remember, Little Bunnies is also the perfect place to celebrate baby showers, family/friends’ get-togethers and other baby/toddler related activities. Ask me for details/availability.


Birthday Bunnies Cancellation Policy

A non-refundable 50€ deposit is required to secure your booking.


If you haven’t been to Little Bunnies before, see what those who have are saying about it.


Covid 19 Safety Regulations:

We understand that things are not back to a recognisable normal just yet, and we know that it will take time to set things straight.

So to make sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible when returning to Little Bunnies, for the moment we will still be keeping to certain safety regulations to ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy our wonderful space.

Please note the windows onto the garden are still being left open and the door ajar if requested by the group, so the venue is well ventilated at all times.

Please see ‘Covid 19’.