‘Covid-19’ Safety Guidelines at Little Bunnies

Please read the following guidelines carefully. After doing so, I hope you will all feel as safe as possible at Little Bunnies.


  • You must always book your place at Little Bunnies in advance via WhatsApp/call.
  •  1 grown-up plus 1 little one (and up to 2 siblings) per spot unless a request for an extra grown-up has been made and confirmed. Extra grown-up places are limited.
  • All grown-ups are encouraged to apply hand gel upon entry.
  • All grown-ups must wear masks.
  • Activities where possible, (dancing, jumping, playing instruments, singing etc) are encouraged on the spot.
  • The Little Bunnies’ venue has a window facing the back garden and a main glass door that opens onto the front area of the residential complex, meaning it can be fully ventilated.
  • During the sessions the window is left open and the door ajar upon request.
  • Following each session, the Little Bunnies’ venue is thoroughly cleaned/sanitised.

Use of props/books/
instruments/puppets at Little Bunnies


Any props used by little ones at Little Bunnies are placed in the quarantine baskets before leaving. When the session is over, all items in the baskets are sanitised.
The general rule is little ones can only touch/use props that can be sanitised after use.
I sometimes encourage grown-ups to bring along their own props for their little ones to use where possible. I tell them in advance what they need to bring along. It is always a household item that is easy to find around the house…


Unfortunately, little ones cannot touch or play with the cloth puppets/soft toys. They can however still see, enjoy and interact with them as they are an integral part of all Little Bunnies sessions.
Little ones can only look at ‘board’ books that can be sanitised after use. There are plenty to choose from!


All the instruments at Little Bunnies are sanitised after every session.



Use of any of the above in Little Bunnies’ sessions is never mandatory.

If grown-ups prefer their little ones not to touch anything during singalongs, it doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy the sessions!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, Joanne, on 659 690 036 if you have any doubts about anything at all.