At Little Bunnies our March theme is SPRINGTIME.

This month we invite you to join us at our lively interactive sensory sing-along sessions, packed full of the joys of Spring, learning through discovery, play, songs and stories.

Join us every Monday at Baby Bunnies at our cosy inside venue or every Thursday at Little Bunnies in the Retiro or join us in the park at our weekend specials, where we’ll be making some wonderful Spring crafts too. This month we have a Father’s Day Special on Sunday 19th March and an Easter Special on Sunday 26th March. We can’t wait for you to join us! 🙂

The weather will start to get warmer very soon and at Little Bunnies we are soooooo happy!

Birds will be singing, animals will be waking up from their Winter sleeps and flowers will start to bloom. Caterpillars will be turning into butterflies and there will be all sorts of bugs and beasties everywhere! Not to mention all the baby animals!

That means at Little Bunnies we really have so much to sing and dance about in March! And as always, we’ll be playing our instruments as we sing along and interact with all our wonderful props and puppet friends and listen to our favourite stories. So a little bird said, the Very Hungry Caterpillar might even be in the park this month!

What will you be? A butterfly? Or a bee? A frog? Or a ladybug?  We are going to have so much fun!

Of course, as well as having a wonderful time, at Little Bunnies, our little ones and their grown-ups alike always learn so much from our weekly sessions too! And as the weather gets better we’ll be having more sessions in the Retiro, where we can really enjoy this wonderful season together!

We can’t wait for you to join us! As your little ones learn through play, they’ll have so much fun, they’ll have no idea just how much they are learning!

In March, why not make Little Bunnies your special place to bond and play with your baby or toddler and meet other families in a wonderfully warm and friendly environment.



Whenever you come to Little Bunnies, there will always be something new, along with all the usual action songs, rhymes, and interactive activities that make our sing-alongs so special and as much fun for the adults as they are for the little ones! So book your spot/s and come along and join in the fun!


How to pay for Little Bunnies’ sessions


There are 3 ways to pay for Little Bunnies’ sessions.

*Early Birds. (Monthly/Term bookers) – 16 euros/session. 

10 session voucher / 170€, to be used whenever you want for weekday and weekend sessions. No expiry date. Non-refundable.

Drop ins 18€  


‘Early Bird’ Monthly/Term bookers 

Since indoor places are limited, priority is always given to monthly/term bookers who pay for their sessions at the start of each month/term. Sessions work out at 16 euros each. A saving of 2 euros on the regular drop-in rate.

Early Birds that can’t make a session are welcome to make the session up at another session,( always space permitting), or send a friend to take their place.

If I have to cancel a session, Early Birds are given a refund for the cancelled session at the end of the month/term.


10-session vouchers (Can be used at any Little Bunnies’ sessions, weekdays and weekends. No expiry date. Non-refundable.
170 euros payable in advance. A saving of between 1-3 euros per session.



18 euros


Only if there are any vacant spots once the ‘Early Birds’ have booked their places for the month, are other families able to ‘drop in’, paying the drop-in fee on the day, (18 euros), or using a voucher. Available spots are always posted in the Little Bunnies’ WhatsApp group.

‘Drop-ins’ (with or without a 10 session voucher) may also be booked in advance, space permitting. In this case, the Little Bunnies’ Cancellation policy applies for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice. (See below)



Little Bunnies Cancellation Policy (Drop-ins only)

If you cancel a session
If you cancel with more than 24 hours notice – no cancellation fee. 
If you need to cancel your booking for whatever reason with less than 24 hours notice you have 3 options:

Pay a 10 euros cancellation fee.

Book to come to any other Little Bunnies session within the month.

Find a friend to take your place.


If you haven’t been before, see what those who have are saying about Little Bunnies.


contact us


*Bunnies in the Park!

Always bring a blanket to sit on! (In Autumn/Winter, a plastic-backed one, (or a plastic sheet or bags to put under your normal blanket!)

A couple of instruments.

At weekend sessions, a smock (‘baby’ in Spanish) for your little one in case we do any painting. 🙂

And wear appropriate clothing for being outside! Layers are good! A warm coat or rain coat when it’s cold out! Boots if its wet underfoot! Warm socks!

At Little Bunnies, whatever the weather, (except if it’s raining!) we will be together! That’s the fun part! We’ll be singing and dancing and having so much fun, we won’t even realise if it’s cold!