Laura Camarero

Going to Little Bunnies brightens my heart up every week...I'm looking forward to every session, like my little girl ... She's only two, but a lot of times she asks me, when we go to the street for a walk, whether we're going to "la musiquita con Joanne"...😊.
Joanne, you put so much effort into making your sessions so wonderful. It's like being transported to a magical world where Little Peter Rabbit runs around with his friends. I often wonder whether I enjoy the sessions more than my little princess does!

I'm now a mother of two, and very happy that I can now go back to Baby Bunnies again with my two-month old! Thank you Joanne, for making all of us a bit happier✨✨

Ekaterina Kazakova

Joanne is brilliant at what she does. I’m a teacher of languages myself and I know how difficult it is to work with little children, that’s why I admire Joanne for her ability to make sessions highly enjoyable and entertaining. She always tries to use many different props and encourages all the children to participate in the activities. The atmosphere is really pleasant. If you come once, you’ll immediately take to it and will definitely come back again and again as we have.

María Blánquez Otero

Es una actividad fantástica para introducir a los bebés y niños en el inglés a través de canciones y juegos. Una experiencia súper recomendable que permite a los padres compartir momentos muy especiales con sus hijos mientras los exponen al inglés. Joanne es fantástica, tiene muchísima imaginación y desarrolla actividades con un montón de material. He acudido a otras actividades de éste tipo y ninguna me ha gustado tanto. Joanne tiene algo especial. Tiene un don para esto.


Rebekah Kosinski Gutiérrez

I am so grateful that I discovered Little Bunnies over a year ago. Olivia was only six months old at the time and I was keen to find a lovely playgroup where she could be exposed to music and interact with other kiddos. We got lucky when we met Jo as she is so passionate about her work and each and every week she manages to come up with the most creative singalong sessions. Olivia is always in her element and I have so enjoyed meeting other parents. Thank you Jo for bringing so much joy to our lives!

Melinda Padilla

Melinda Padilla

Gran plan con bebés y niños pequeños que combina música, cuentos e inglés. Las sesiones son tremendamente divertidas para los peques y los mayores. Totalmente recomendable :)


I started taking my son to Little Bunnies when he was 6 months old, and he absolutely loves it!! 😄 Joanne does a fantastic job with making her classes fun, creative and interactive. Being around other babies, watching them crawl and walk has also given him the motivation to want to try it himself. I firmly believe it has helped him with his development in every way! It has also been a great place for me to meet other moms and make new friends. I couldn't be happier with Little Bunnies. Thanks so much Joanne! We love you