Babies are born ready to learn!

And the earlierthe better if they do it through watching,listening, singing, playing, laughing and havinglots and lots of fun at the same time!

That’s why Little Bunnies interactive workshops are so popular with the little ones

And the earlier the better if they do it through watching, listening, singing, playing, laughing and having lots and lots of fun!

Aimed at babies, toddlers and young children from 0-approximately 3 years, at Little Bunnies we invite little ones and their grown-ups to explore through discovery, play, singing and stories! Our aim is to spark little ones’ imagination through creative play, from a very young age.

Inspired by nature and Forest schools, our Spring and Summer sessions are always held in the beautiful Retiro park, weather permitting. If it rains or it’s extra cold, they are held in a cosy venue, just a short walk from the park in Goya.

As the famous saying goes, ‘There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing!’. At Little Bunnies, we dress for the weather and see, hear and feel all the wonderful things we are singing about around us! We are privileged to have such a beautiful spot in the Retiro where little bunnies can share precious time with their families, in such a beautiful place.


Little Bunnies sessions are very original! Both grown-ups and little ones alike are invited to join in, sing along with puppets, take part in story-telling, play instruments, and interact with a huge number of colourful props. And at our weekend sessions, our little bunnies get crafty and do some wonderful works of art too!

Having said all that, underneath all the fun there is serious learning going on! Little Bunnies is inspired by the four seasons, but so many other themes run through the sessions covering a whole range of different vocabulary groups, from animals to colours, body parts, counting, the alphabet… the list is endless. What’s more, sessions are always packed with new and adapted versions of well-known children’s songs, as well as the original favourites we all love.

And of course there is lots of repetition! Babies and toddlers love and need repetition! As do adults when they want to learn new songs to take home and practice with their little ones. It is amazing how quickly babies and toddlers respond to, recognise and enjoy familiar tunes and songs when they sing them on a regular basis! Their little faces light up when we sing a song they know!

If you are not a native speaker, exposing your children to the English language, and most importantly to correct English pronunciation, from an early age has clear lasting benefits!

And if you are a native speaker, what better way to spend time with your little one, learning, playing and enjoying lots of fun activities along with other families. Little Bunnies is a truly wonderful community of families with little ones from all over the world.


Why not come along and see for yourselves!